F E E D..Y O U R..F I R E ! 🔥
S H O W..Y O U R..D I A M O N D ! 💎

W H A T'S..I T..A L L..A B O U T ?


Use it to EXPRESS what’s going on with you and the..T R A N S F O R M A T I O N S..in your life, especially if you.."feel you don't belong where you are or came from. . ."..It's one way of showing..You're..B E I N G..Y O U R..S E L F,..L I V I N G...L I F E..Y O U R..W A Y !


Buy a piece that means something to you, that..S H O W S..what you feel but can't describe... some things don't need explaining.


Surround yourself with..Positive..Vibes.
Got an accessory for your home?..Have it.. S Y M B O L I Z E..a..B E N E F I T.
Bought a new vase?..Fill it with Mantras...[1]
New cushion?..Rest on it to Visualize...[2]
Pretty flowers?..Name them after each Success you've recently achieved.

T H E..3 Cs

Power Guidance about Nurturing your..Consciousness,..Confidence..and..Creativity,
even if you're convinced that "you have no talent or self-esteem!"..[3]

U S E.. E V E R Y T H I N G
Y O U.. WILL ..L U M I N E S C E
W I T H..B E A U T D O O Z I N E S S

Whether you’re..25,..35,.or 55,..I N S P I R E..others with..YOUR..OWN..E T H O S
Inner Beauty fuels Dooziness.

Expression .. +.. Openess .. +.. Courage .. +.. Right Choices
H E L L O...B E A U T D O O Z I N E S S !

F E E D..Y O U R..F I R E
S H O W..Y O U R..D I A M O N D

The F O U N D E R

Gabrielle Loesch is a multi-talented creator, life coach and businessperson. Raised around the world, she's adapted to numerous cultures, redesigned her life as many times, collected spiritual gems here and there, and followed the path she was born to take - not the one she was told to have.

Very early in life, she got a mentorship from the surrealist painter Marcel Pétron [4], then studied at the Esmod School of Fashion Design, France [5] and Erickson Coaching International, Canada. [6]

Aside Painting and Fashion Design, her other creative expressions are self-taught: Fashion Accessories and Jewelry Design, Photography, Interior Decoration, Writing, and Nurturing a Higher Purpose.

Gabrielle created BeautDoozy as an extension of her evolution as she wants to participate in the world's to-do list for more Justice, more Equality and more Care for our planet.

The top item on her list is to gather an inclusive community of women and bohemians of all genders who like herself,."feel they don't belong where they are or where they came from" and who aren't afraid to express their authenticity. Like you, Gabrielle wants to be seen for who she is. No more hiding, no more blending in. No matter how small or big, each of her, each of your deed, step and gesture MATTERS.

[1] Mantra: a positive phrase you want to input in your brain's data.

[2] For visualization, see Shakti Gawain

[3] BeautDoozy The 3Cs

[4] Marcel Pétron, Artist - Google Search

[5] Esmod School of Fashion Design

[6] Erickson Coaching International