Each product on BeautDoozy is either made specifically for you , one-of-a-kind fashion accessory, or a carefully curated item. Watch for unique handbags or jewelry made by hand, and exotic pieces by skilled artisans, coming soon.

We encourage you to choose wisely before purchasing, as our slow-consumption policy does not support unreasonable returns. The obvious reasons: waste, landfills, direct negative impact on people, especially in developing countries, on flora, fauna, the ocean, the whole planet!

Not only do around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, but the trend is to produce more than what's expected to sell. And why, Oh why? To change our buying habits and have us consume clothes like they're perishable food. Use and throw, use and throw, let's buy new stuff tomorrow!

The sad fact is that clothes have indeed become perishable goods. They sell for less and less (at greater and greater human price!) and fall apart faster because they're so cheaply made. However, owning a sustainable wardrobe doesn't mean just making good on the above.

It also involves Creating A Sustainable Wardrobe like an artistic collage of your personality. If you know the colors that make you glow, you can start buying in that range. Then by mixing pieces in different ways, all your looks have a common thread. Don't limit your imagination. Go .W i l d !!!

Limit the amount of goods needed to create your own style. Of course, it's not profitable to say 'buy less' but at BeautDoozy, it's our responsibility to suggest 'buy well'. With this in mind, we've designed Collections that are well made by manufacturers who care about Textiles and Giclées prints. Our designs play with each other and stay longer in your wardrobe. Our décor items like wall art, can move from room to room and stay fresh.

Surround yourself with good vibes (negative thoughts are pollution). Go check our Blogs for ideas on Art, Fashion, Décor, and news Of Interest to share.

Now, if you think your actions are too small to make a difference, think of what a mosquito can do when you're trying to sleep!